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Police Officers Salary Range $60,437.73 until FTO program start then $63,259.61 to $91,908.84

+ benefits. If an officer has prior law enforcement experience, the salary is negotiable.

  • 42 hour work week

  • 12 Days Holiday Paid Annually

  • 2 Weeks Vacation Annually - Increasing on 5th year of continuous service to 3 Weeks

  • Vacation Buy-Back Program(Voluntarily)

  • 12 Days Sick Leave Annually

  • 100% Paid Medical Benefits (Employee Only) - Family Medical available at additional cost

  • 100% Paid Dental Benefits (Employee Only) - Family Dental available at additional cost

  • 100% Paid Life Insurance Benefits (Employee Only) - Family Insurance available at additional cost

  • Disability Insurance Benefits (Employee Only) - Family Disability available at additional cost

  • Education Re-imbursement Program - Tiered based on grade obtained

  • Take Home Vehicle (Based on living within city linits or special assignments)

  • City sponsored pension with employee contribution by 8% with 10 years of service minimum

  • All necessary uniform & equipment provided with the exception of footwear

  • Clothing Allowance paid quarterly

  • Footwear Allowance paid annually

  • Off-Duty Court Attendance paid @ 1.5 times hour salary rate for a minimum of 3 hours (each occurrence)

  • Off-Duty Details (Paid @ flat hourly rate)

  • PBA representation through Sun Coast PBA (voluntary)


Police Officer and Reserve Officer applicants must currently be a State Certified Law Enforcement Officer or close to graduating from an accredited law enforcement academy or Equivalency of Training (EOT) and eligible to take the state exam.

When a position is available, the recruiters 1st step is to review Police Applicant Screening (PASS) files. Their requirements can be obtained at or 727-864-3822. The 60 college credits may be waived in lieu of military or prior law enforcement experience. The PASS office completes a thorough background investigation, which is required per the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) standards.

  • Complete PASS process

  • Riding along with our patrol division

  • Polygraph

  • Submit Fingerprints

  • Oral Boards (Formal Interview with Command Staff & Supervisors)

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Submit General City application

  • Medical Exam

  • Drug Screening

  • Sign a 2 year contract


*A U.S. Department of Justice-funded research project focusing on the Hiring In The Spirit of Service initiative identified the following as core competencies for law enforcement officers:


  • Ability to use good judgment and to problem solve

  • Capacity for empathy and compassion

  • Capacity for multi-tasking

  • Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility

  • Ability to be resourceful and show initiative

  • Demonstrating assertiveness

  • Possess and demonstrate integrity

  • Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate


Psychological competencies were also identified.


  • Social competence

  • Teamwork

  • Adaptability / flexibility

  • Conscientiousness / Dependability

  • Impulse control / Attention to safety

  • Integrity / Ethics

  • Emotional regulation and stress tolerance

  • Decision making and judgment

  • Assertiveness / Persuasiveness Avoiding substance abuse and other risk taking behavior

  • Commitment to service / Social concern


While different agencies look for different skills and abilities, applicants with the above traits may find themselves well suited for a career in policing, particularly in an agency that subscribes to the community policing model.


Pay Range: hourly = $20.04 hr- $32.34hr Annual $37,873.84-$58,110.00. The pay range is negotiable if the applicant has prior law enforcement dispatching experience.

Before applying, the applicant should evaluate their commitment to considering this position as a long term career. The training program is a time consuming and an expensive investment for the City.


When positions are available, the City of Tarpon Springs Human Resources Department (HR) will post the job and requirements on the City website located Also,HR will advertise in local media such as the Tampa Bay Times and Tampa Tribune. Job postings may also be found on local college websites such as St Petersburg College


Vacation - All regular Full-time and Part-time general employees are eligible after completion of the probationary period. Police & Fire employees follow a bargaining agreement). Years of service determine how much an employee earns:

1-4 years = two weeks + one day (11 days)

5-9 years = three weeks (15 days)

10-19 years = four weeks (20 days)

20 or more years = four weeks + one day (21 day)

Non-exempt employees are allowed two years' accrual and exempt employees are allowed three years' accrual. Part-time employees' accruals are pro-rated based on scheduled work week. Employees with balances exceeding the allowable limited on October 1st of each year will lose the excess vacation accrual WITHOUT complensation.


Sick Leave - All regular Full-time employees are eligible for one (1) day per month after one (1) month of service.

Short-Term Protection - Maximum allowable sick leave carried forward from one fiscal year to the next is 528 hours/66 days plus the equivalent of the current one year's accrued sick leave. This allows employees to accumulate sufficient sick leave to protect them for 90 days.

Long-Term Disability - Full time Police and general employees will be insured with a 90-day elimination period. The monthly benefit is 60% of salary. LTD is not applicable to Fire Employees.

Holidays - All regular Full-time employees are eligible for 11-1/2 paid holidays per year.

ICMA: City of Tarpon Springs General Employees Pension - All benefit eligible regular and probationary employees become eligible on the first day of the month following their first 90 days of employment. Level of contribution is determined by the Board of Commissioners and is presently 8.7% of gross salary (contributed solely by the City with no employee contributions.) Full vesting occurs after five (5) years of service.(Note: Police and Fire employees follow a bargaining agreement)

Insurance - All regular Full-time employees are eligible on the first day of the month following their first 90 days of employment. All additions to/deletions/from any insurance are processed through the Human Resources Department including COBRA administration.

FMIT / United Healthcare - The City provides employee coverage without charge for eligible employees. Employees desiring dependent coverage contribute toward optional dependent coverage under City's group plan). No Primary Care Physician (PCP) referral is required for specialists.

Standard Dental - The City provides employee coverage (employees may purchase dependent coverage under City's group plan).

Standard Life - The City provides $25,000/$50,000 Basic Life/AD&D for employees. Dependent coverage is available.

The City of Tarpon Springs also provides the following benefit programs for employees:

  • ICMA 457 plan - Deferred Compensation

  • Education / Tuition Assistance Program

  • H.R. Reporter Newsletter

  • Jury Duty Leave

  • Uniform & Safety Shoe Policy

  • Vacation Self Funding Program

  • Employee Recognition Program

  • Section 125 "Cafeteria" Plan Benefits

  • Bereavement Leave

  • Military Leave

  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

  • United States Savings Bond Program

  • Direct Deposit Program

  • Florida Central & Pinellas Federal Credit Unions

  • Family & Medical Leave

  • Pinellas School Volunteer Program

    The Tarpon Springs Police Department (TSPD) can offer on the job training to qualified and motivated candidates. The training is a rigorous 16 weeks or more as needed alongside a senior dispatcher who is a Certified Training Officer (CTO). The training includes, but is not limited to, public relations, calltaking under non-emergency and emergency conditions, radio dispatching, and dispatching via Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The applicant would be expected to have the ability to multi-task, strong keyboarding skills (information is entered into computer while on the phone with callers or as received over the radio by officers), the ability to remain calm while dealing with high stress conditions, and the willingness to work various schedules including evening and night shifts, weekends and holidays.

  • Submit General City application to Human Resources

  • Contact Sergeant Ruggiero

  • Background Investigation

  • Submit Fingerprints

  • Polygraph

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Medical Exam

  • Drug Screening


(Clerical positions & Support Staff)
Open positions will be advertised by Human Resources (City of Tarpon Springs)

  • Submit General City application to Human Resources

  • Contact Sergeant Ruggiero

  • Background Investigation

  • Submit Fingerprints

  • Medical Exam

  • Drug Screening


Contact Sgt. Taurean Mathis

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