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The Tarpon Springs Police Department fully complies with the State of Florida Public Records  Laws. Any and all releasable records will be made available, upon request, in a timely manner. However there are cost associated with these request, depending on how large they are, how much research is needed to find and copy them and if there are any areas that need to be redacted.

Our cost are as follows:

The first 30 minutes on any request will not be billed, any personnel cost after the first 30 minutes will be billed as follows:
1. Body worn or in car video camera footage redaction--$19.00 per hour and $50.00 for supervisor review/approval—billed in 15 minute increments
2. Document research and/or redaction--$21.00 per hour—billed in 15 minute increments
Material cost
$0.15 per page for each copy
$5.00 per media piece, either thumb drive or DVD
No additional charge for electronic mail version of documents.
Any cost over $100.00 will require a deposit of at least fifty percent.

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