Common Violations

Abandoned (Inoperable) Vehicles
All vehicles in the city limits must have a current tag and be operable (including inflated tires), otherwise they must be stored in an enclosed structure. (Section 40.00)

Airtight Containers Accessible to Children
It is unlawful to have a refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, stove or other appliance or container with an interior storage area of more than 1-1/2 cubic feet of clear space and having airtight doors, which when closed cannot be opened from the inside, to remain on the property. They are considered an attractive nuisance to children. The doors must be removed from the appliance, locked from the outside, or removed from the property. Call Waste Management for a special pickup at (727) 572-8779. Do not place the item at the curb sooner than 12 hours prior to pickup.

Address Numbering
For public safety reasons, all address numbers must be easily visible from the street that they face. Numbers for residences must be 3" high, in a contrast color, and be affixed to the mailbox and to the building. Numbers for businesses must be 5" high. (Section 150.00; Pinellas County Code section 22-134)

Barking dogs: please call the Police Department at (727) 938-2849. Stray Dogs: please call Pinellas County Animal Control at (727) 582-2600 All other complaints, call Code Enforcement

Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles
Boats and other recreational vehicles must be parked on a driveway or circular driveway. They cannot overhang a sidewalk, public right of way or street. They may be parked in an interior side yard, as long as they are not closer than 2 feet to the side lot line. They may also be parked in the rear yard. The grass located under the vehicle must be trimmed to the same height as the rest of the lawn. They cannot be stored on drums, barrels, concrete blocks, lumber or similar devices. They cannot be used for sleeping, living, or household uses except within an approved recreational vehicle park. Repair is limited to minor maintenance. They may not be used for storage of goods, products or merchandise. All recreational vehicles must have current registration and be operable. (Section 42.00)

Commercial Vehicles
No commercial vehicle with a gross weight rating in excess of 12,550 pounds is permitted to park in any residential district, except when actively involved in loading or unloading. Trailers in excess of 16' are not allowed in residential district, except when actively involved in loading and unloading. Any trailer over 16' may be kept in a completely enclosed garage or a side or rear yard surrounded by a 6' high opaque fence maintained in sound condition. (Section 41.00)

Installation of fences requires a building permit, including the replacement of fences. All fences, walls, and hedges must be maintained in a safe condition and shall not be allowed to become dilapidated. (Section 36.03). Please call the Development Services Department at (727) 942-5617.

Garage Sales
Garage sales require a permit, and cannot be held more than twice a year. (Section 11-20)

Grass, Overgrowth, and Trees
Grass must be maintained under 12" and may not extend out more than 4" over a sidewalk, curb, or edge of pavement. For trees, a height of 10' is required over all sidewalks and a height of 13-1/2' is required over all streets to allow for emergency vehicles and garbage trucks. Each property owner is required to maintain all adjacent City owned rights of way, including the maintenance of trees. Yard debris must be cut into 4' sections, bundled and tied and placed at the curb for pickup. (Section 8-52)

To report noise violations, please call the Tarpon Springs Police Department at (727) 938-2849.

Occupational Licenses
Any business operating out of the city must obtain an occupational license from the city. Call the Building Department at 942-5617. (Section 11-1).

Roll-off Containers & Dumpsters
All roll-off containers and dumpsters must be contracted through Waste Management, per the City's contract with Waste Management. (Section 8-13) Please call the Utility Department at (727) 942-5609.

Pre-collection Practices and Garbage Collection
Garbage cans must be placed at the curb no sooner than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick up, and the empty cans must be removed from the curb no later than 12 hours after pickup. Garbage cans must have tight fitting lids. It is unlawful to permit debris, trash or rubbish to accumulate on private property. It is unlawful to throw trash or waste onto the city streets or gutters or onto the property of another. (Sections 8-16, 8-22, 8-23, & 8-24)

No person owning, leasing, operating, occupying or having control of any premises within the city shall maintain, keep or permit any nuisance. (Section 8-40, and defined in 8-41)

Owners of private property are responsible for the maintenance of trees on their property and on abutting rights of way. Any tree with a DBH of 4" or more requires a permit for removal, including those trees that appear to be dead or diseased. Topping of trees is not allowed. There are very severe penalties for removing trees without a permit. (Section 133.20, 133.04). Please call the Delelopment Service Department at (727) 942-5608.

Storage Sheds
Storage structures, outdoor shelters, sheds, bath houses, and similar structures shall not exceed 200 square feet in a residential district or 300 square feet in a non-residential district. No such structure shall be located closer than five feet to a side lot line or five feet to a rear lot line. A permit is required. (Section 36.01)

The city has a very restrictive sign ordinance. Please check with the Planning & Zoning Department BEFORE ordering or erecting a new sign. (727) 942-5611

  • Sign Permits
    In most cases, as permit is required to place, erect, construct or alter a sign.

  • Signs in the right of way
    Signs cannot be placed on publicly owned land or on street's right or way. This also includes utility poles, street signs, bridges, etc. These signs will be confiscated by city personnel.

  • Prohibited Signs
    Includes pennants, balloons, on-site portable signs, off-site portable signs, roof signs, banners, vehicle and trailer signs. Please check the code for additional prohibited signs.

  • Garage Sale Signs
    One sign is permitted on-site. It cannot be larger than 3 square feet, and cannot be higher than 4 feet. It must be removed promptly after the sale ends. Do not place garage sale signs on utility poles or street signs.

Unsafe Buildings
Please call the Building Department at (727) 942-5617 to report any unsafe building.

Please call the Code Enforcement Department at (727) 937-0017 to report any code violations.

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